“.... once again Emergency Rule nailed their support slot with absolute precision. Unless you have been void of any live music events for a good while, you have probably come across Adelaide riff masters somewhere on your travels and if you haven’t I highly recommend you rectify that immediately.” – HiFi Way

“These guys have good claim to the title of the City’s hardest working band with a parade of local gigs, international supports and a new album in the pipeline. Kicking off the set with a quiet unassuming bluesy guitar twiddle, Emergency Rule broke out into hefty banger Corporation, which as usual, blew the heads off unsuspecting punters” - HiFi Way

“No boring support band here to slack off on, they are always worth making doors and getting your shit together for...” - HiFi Way

“Emergency Rule was the perfect opener. With their brand of heavy rock, it was hard to stay still. If you have never seen them before, then run don’t walk to a show near you. “ - AMNPLIFY

“Singer Doug Clark’s voice is phenomenal, but it is matched in skill by the rest of his bandmates. A heavy and driving rhythm section tied together with guitarists who appreciate melody and a crisp tone....” - AMNPLIFY

“As soon as Emergency Rule hit the stage Bass guitarist Doug Clark’s fat bass sound and growling vocals immediately grabbed you by the throat as the band tore through their set of Sabbath inspired heavy riffery complimented by twin Lizzy style lead / harmonies on guitar compliments of Chris George and Cal Wegener. Add Ex Superjesus drummer Trav Dragani’s massive drum sound, as he destroys yet another set of skins and cymbals, and it’s the perfect storm.” - THE ROCKPIT

“....Emergency Rule, who open tonight with a heavy groove you can dance to. The ferocity from the speakers of the dual guitar attack, underpinned with ‘as heavy as a herd of elephants’ rhythm section, brings everyone in from the bar to check them out. The riffs are straight out southern rock, the duelling solos sound electric and for half hour, Emergency Rule own everyone’s attention.” - HIFI WAY

"They have feet in Classic Rock-approved bands (drummer Travis Dragani has also played in Palace of the King, as well as with fellow Aussie/blues dude Gwyn Ashton), and now Aussie hairies Emergency Rule come bearing this heavy, woozy groove-fest – mixing thick, riffcake flavours of Clutch with satisfyingly nasty vocals and clouds of marijuana smoke (we imagine, anyway…). Nice." - Classic Rock Magazine